Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Journey to Paradise…

We have been to Srisailam recently, it’s just not a trip to Srisailam and it’s a journey to the nature paradise. Started here before the sunrise and headed towards Dindi Dam, we were fortunate to see the dam with full of water and enjoyed the breeze around. Spent sometime in water, taking snaps and finally we left the place unwillingly, and then moved on to Umamaheshwaram temple on the way to Srisailam.
The ghat road lead between the steeply hills, forest around and the serenity, experiencing all theses reached the entrance of the Umamaheshwaram temple, a temple structure at the entrance welcoming us to the temple on the tip of the steeply hill. The sculptures of the temple, small caves (very cold inside), cool and sweet droplets dropping from the gaps of the mount mesmerized us. Then Peeped into the temple where the God Shiva’s and Goddess Uma Devi’s idols were there since ages. After experiencing all these we were so excited and this time willingly we all left the place to experience more.
And forwarded to Mallelatherdam waterfalls,
we faced a tough time to reach the place due to the kaccha road which was testing our patience. Once we reached the place, we parked our car and went down by walk, crossing all the steps to reach the waterfall, huge trees and their shadows on the ground, huge stones around and a lake in front of the waterfalls, all these thrilled us and made us to get under the water, as we went near by, we started shivering (imagine the coldness of water) and under the waterfall we were chilled and went crazy. Not only had the water smells sweet even tastes sweeter than the sweetest. The ambiance around can refresh anyone (one of my friend was sick all the way, as he got into the place, he was so excited by the smell of the water, the coolness and the ambiance around, really refreshed him. By the time of leaving the place, he was recovered). Natural swing made of tree trunk beside the lake entertained us a lot. We are tired of enjoying, and refreshed for whilst then started to Srisailam Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple. As we reached Srisailam we had lunch and rested for a while in the cottage vicinity to the forest on the hill, but not me and my friend Pramod.
We both went for a long walk on the hill, after walking some distance; we reached the edge of the hill. Sitting at the edge, we experienced the calmness around, a lake adjacent to us, the gentle wind, and different kind of birds’ sounds experiencing all these we were there for more than an hour, then we went back to our cottage. Before leaving the place we looked downwards and thanked god for creating such beautiful nature (imagine the height we are sitting at). After reaching the cottage, we all went to Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple and had darshan. Then we started from there in the late evening to reach Hyderabad. This is what I can explain or express how it is. But nothing can express exactly what your heart has experienced. I can say only one thing, which everyone should go through this kind of experience. It is a worthily trip at the end.